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Moon Lantern Trail FAQs

More information on your visit to Moon Lantern Trail

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What is Moon Lantern Trail?

Moon Lantern Trail is a self-guided installation trail of Moon Lanterns along Pinky Flat/Tarntanya Wama.

Along the trial, audiences can learn about Mid-Autumn Festival traditions that are held across Asia. This year’s stories share information about the significance and history of each lantern and what they represent. This is an opportunity for audiences to enjoy lanterns from the Moon Lantern Parade up close.

Moon Lantern Trail is a one-way walking event. Attendees must keep moving through the area and can’t congregate or set up belongings in Pinky Flat/Tarntanya Wama.

Do I need to register for Moon Lantern Trail this year?

No, you do not need to pre-register for entry into Moon Lantern Trail in 2023.

Why should I come during the day?

The Moon Lanterns are striking and colourful in the daytime as well as during the night! From midday Saturday and Sunday you can participate in workshops, enjoy roving performers, and wander through the site, exploring the lanterns up-close.

Will there still be a Parade?

No, there won’t be a parade this year. The Lanterns on the trail are available for viewing throughout the opening hours, both during the day and after sunset.

How long does the Trail take?

It will take approximately 30 – 60 minutes to view Moon Lantern Trail.

What time does the park close?

The Moon Lantern Trail site will close at 11pm. Last entry into the event will be at 10:15pm.

What happens if there is a line to enter Moon Lantern Trail?

There will be a section to queue at the Northern end of the Riverbank Footbridge along War Memorial Drive, in front of Adelaide Oval.

How long will I have to wait?

Wait times will vary depending on time and date of entry. Evenings are expected to be busy, so be prepared to queue for entry into the Trail.

Are there any times that are quieter?

Early evenings and weekend afternoons before 4:30pm are quieter, and less queuing is expected.

Why do I have to queue for entry?

Moon Lantern Trail has a capacity limit that must be adhered to in order to provide a safe space for patrons. Once capacity is reached, we are not able to allow more people into the space before others leave.

Is Moon Lantern Trail Accessible?

Moon Lantern Trail crosses flat, grassed areas and uses paved pathways. There are no stairs. The event pathway within Pinky Flat/Tarntanya Wama is 550m long. The entrance is 130m from the passenger drop-off zone. The exit location is along the Riverbank on Karrawirra Pari/River Torrens. The exit is downhill from the entry, which means that there is an uphill slope on a public pathway in order to return to street level.

If you prefer a quieter experience with less crowds, we recommend planning your experience for early evenings and weekend afternoons before 4:30pm.

Please make yourself or your family known to staff if you have access requirements.

What happens if it’s raining?

Moon Lantern Trail is an outdoor event and will be open rain or shine. The trail may be closed in the event of high winds or other inclement weather.

Will food and drink options be available?

Yes, food and drink options will be available through a number of food trucks and stalls. Water stations will be available for refilling water bottles.

A selection of seating options are available near the food and drink stall area for public dining.

Is alcohol available?

Moon Lantern Trail is a drug and alcohol-free event, and therefore alcohol is not available and is not permitted on site. Adelaide Parklands is a dry zone between 8 – 11pm daily. Glassware is also not permitted.

Can I smoke at Moon Lantern Trail?

No, smoking is not permitted within the Moon Lantern Trail site at Pinky Flat/Tarntanya Wama.

Can I touch the lanterns?

The Moon Lantern Trail lanterns are lovely to look at, but please don’t touch, sit on, or climb on the lanterns or their bases. Our Moon Lanterns are handmade works of art, and by not touching them you are keeping them safe so that they can be displayed for many years to come.

There are many locations around the lanterns to stand, admire, and take photos with the lanterns.

Security and volunteers will help to remind patrons not to touch or climb on the lanterns.

Will I need to do a bag check prior to entry?

Security will do bag checks for any bags larger than A4 size. Security may also request to check smaller bags as needed.

How do I access first aid inside Moon Lantern Trail?

There is a First Aid tent inside Moon Lantern Trail opposite Stop 11 – Dragonflies and Lotus. This is near the Merchandise and Food stalls.

Are there Emergency Exits at Moon Lantern Trail?

Yes. There are three Emergency Exits, one at Gate B, Gate D, and one at Gate E.

Are there toilet facilities inside Moon Lantern Trail?

Yes, there are toilet facilities available in Moon Lantern Trail. These can be found on the right just after Stop 10 – The Junk Ship.

My child is missing. Where do I go?

If you have a missing person or child, please go to the First Aid tent for assistance, or speak to one of our Security personnel, who can assist you.

Will there be photography and videography in Moon Lantern Trail?

Yes, there will be photographers and videographers capturing Moon Lantern Trail. These people will be wearing designated staff passes. If a picture of your child is taken at a close-up angle, a staff member will approach you for a release form to ensure that any use of that image is done so ethically and with your consent.

I have some feedback about Moon Lantern Trail. Where do I provide this?

Thank you for your feedback. Feel free to contact OzAsia Festival via our social media channels, via email at or on (08) 8216 8600.

Where do I go to catch public transport?

Several options for public transport are available nearby. The Railway Station can be found on the opposite side of the river, across the Riverbank Footbridge. Bus stops can be found on King William Road, or North Terrace. Tram stops are also available on King William Road (Festival Plaza) and North Terrace (Train Station). Please see the Adelaide Metro mobile app or website for timetables.

Where is the nearest Uber or Taxi pick-up zone?

The nearest taxi rank can be found on North Terrace, outside the entrance to the Railway Station. Ubers can be booked via the Uber Application. We recommend having your Uber pick you up from North Terrace or King William Road.

Are there e-scooter zones near Moon Lantern Trail?

E-scooters are permitted nearby to Moon Lantern Trail, however there is a Beam ‘No Ride’ zone in place near the Trail’s entrance. Slow Zones are enforced near Montefiore Road and King William Road, with several Beam Parking Areas within the Slow Zones.

Can I receive a pass out for Moon Lantern Trail?

You are able to leave and re-enter Moon Lantern Trail, but there are no pass outs – you must queue up to re-enter the site.

I’m looking for Lucky Dumpling Market. Where do I go?

Lucky Dumpling Market can be found in Elder Park, on the opposite side of the river to Moon Lantern Trail. Lucky Dumpling Market also have capacity limitations, so you may need to queue to enter that site also, depending on the time of day. Please take a look at Lucky Dumpling Market’s social media channels or Facebook event for more information.

I’m a performer. Can I busk in Moon Lantern Trail?

No, busking is not permitted in Moon Lantern Trail. If you would like to apply to be a performer in the 2023 Moon Lantern Trail, please keep an eye on the OzAsia Festival website in May 2024 for Expressions of Interest.

Can I bring my own belongings in to Moon Lantern Trail?

You can bring prams, bags, and other personal items to assist you and your family within Moon Lantern trail.

Please note that the following are not able to bring:

  • Large umbrellas
  • Tents or marquees
  • Any furniture including folding chairs, bean bags, and cushions
  • Sparklers, fireworks, or lit candles
  • Pets (excluding service animals)
  • Barbeques
  • Professional recording equipment
  • Drones or remote-controlled aircrafts or cars
  • Flyers or pamphlets 

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